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NEW! November  2015 Ready to Take Back The Night? dark-thiry-small

Thanks for your interest in carrying Dark Thirty Radio on your radio station.  If you are a licensed FM or AM terrestrial station, read on.  If you're ready to sign up right now - use this form to begin taking back the night for your station!  We provide a commercial as well as non-commercial stream!

Well Known:

The creator of the show, Leo Ashcraft has been on the air for decades working with thousands of radio stations throughout his many years on the airwaves. Leo was a broadcast engineer by trade for several decades.  He has founded any operated several successful radio stations and radio networks.  He retired as a broadcast engineer in 2014.  In 2015 he founded Mutual Radio News which quickly grew to over 100 affiliates and later merged with the TruNews network.   During this time he created a unique news product "Dark Matter News" which aired on Art Bell's Midnight in the Desert.  By October 2015 the five minute news segments had grown very popular.  Unfortunately due to internal political problems he left MITD and started Dark Thirty Radio.  A unique program dedicated to the weirdness of our world.  It is the spearhead of a new talk radio network which will host several paranormal programs as well as traditional talk radio. His iconic style of night time talk radio topics and unique delivery have inspired quite a loyal fan base and entire subcultures. So what are you waiting for? "Wanna take back the night?"

The Format:

The program consists of thought provoking discussions. Generally every evening a different guest (or several) talks with the host, Jeremy Scott.  These discussions can cover an amazingly wide subject range from science, technology, conspiracy, paranormal, even ghost and Aliens!  Whether you personally believe in any of this, it makes unbeatable late night talk radio entertainment.   While there are some occasional political topics, Jeremy keeps them limited and short.  We'll leave the Politics to Limbaugh, ok?

The Soothe:

Anyone who has ever heard Jeremy knows that his old school hypnotic voice with its relaxing tones is like no other.  Jeremy's voice and delivery is unique to say the very least.  Anyone that has heard him, needs no introduction when he begins to speak.  He brings a level of common sense and peace to the listener which some refer to as therapeutic.  I think we can all agree that these days the world could use a bit of therapy.  Jeremy is listening...

The Clock:

Competitors typically have around 22 - 30 minutes of commercial content.  Dark Thirty Radio has only 12 minutes of commercial time!  But we don't sacrifice local station profits for our own.  Unlike the other stations, we split those commercial avails with the affiliate!  Up to six minutes of local avails are available to the affiliates each hour!  Listeners want to hear the program, the guests and callers, not an infomercial.  This immediately gives Dark Thirty Radio the edge in this time slot.  Limited commercial mean high retention rate of listeners throughout the program's entirety.  Additionally they are not buried in dozens of other commercials which the listeners begin to tune out.  Or at these hours of the day, fall asleep.    Jeremy truly takes back the night for your radio station.  Keeping your listeners up and interacting with the program throughout the night!


Dark Thirty Radio is distributed live through The Mutual Broadcast Network.  The program is available via a high quality live AAC stream delivered via the internet.  Alternately you may pick up the feed through KU satellite provided by Global Star Satellite Radio.    This is a low cost non-proprietary system. The breaks may be set as floating/hard or utilize subaudible tones provided by the network.  A commercial and non-commercial stream is available.

To get started, fill out the form below.  We will return a simple agreement and instructions to get you on the road to "Taking Back The Night" with Jeremy Scott and Dark Thirty Radio!