MBN + XDS = The Next Generation of Radio!

What is XDS?XDS stands for X-Digital Systems. Simply, it’s a digital satellite delivery method available to terrestrial radio stations. Over 5,000 stations in the U.S. have this technology already in place to receive syndicated programming.This is what the major players are using to pick up live programming, delay shows and allow for local commercial inserts. This is not the satellite you know as SiriusXM, but a service available only to radio stations for broadcast of programs like yours.Why XDS?XDS is the preferred method of satellite distribution. It’s as easy as flipping a switch. No pesky streams, relays or FTP to deal with. Just the best audio delivered to the best stations in the country on-demand. While there are other satellite methods, like KU and C-band, very few stations have that outdated technology. XDS is the next generation!How can you take advantage of XDS through Mutual?Through strategic partnerships, MBN obtains the best quality for your show. We handle everything from distribution, production and marketing including affiliate relations.How much does it cost?Playing with the big boys is not cheap, but maybe not as expensive as you might think and you don’t need any special equipment. We take care of that! Packages vary on the length, frequency and time slot. So contact us today to get in the XDS game!Contact: Leo AshcraftMutual Broadcast Network903-347-2346 (34-RADIO)MutualBroadcast.com