Filing Window for New Noncommercial FM Stations Applications Coming Soon! – With an LPFM Window to Follow!

A new filing window for new noncommercial FM radio stations in the reserved FM band (88.1 – 92.1 FM) is in finally in the works! The window could happen in late 2020 but is more likely to happen early 2021.

Chairman Pai this month responded to a Congressional inquiry about the next window for new LPFM stations. In his letter he stated that the LPFM window would follow a window for new noncommercial FM stations, since noncommercial applicants have not had an opportunity to file for new stations in over a decade. The letter stated that the NCE window will open after the recently adopted changes in the rules for processing these noncommercial applications become effective. The changes are waiting for Paperwork Reduction Act review before they can become effective.

The 2010 window for NCE applications was for a limited number of commercial frequencies that had been set aside and reserved for noncommercial use where the reserved band had constraints. The last window for reserved band FM stations (88.1 to 91.9 FM) opened in 2007.

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FCC LPFM Updates & Renewals

The mandatory 11-step License Renewal process (REN) started Sunday, December 1, for all radio stations in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi with pre-filing announcements. If you have a station in another state and have not filed – contact me – there is still time to get your renewal filed. Even if you are not currently on the air. Don’t risk losing your license.

Another 3 stations were lost this month, as one station in North Carolina and two in South Carolina did not file a timely license renewal with the FCC.

The affected stations include:

  • WPRG-LP, 102.7, Greensboro NC
  • WIAR-LP, 100.5, Hilton Head Island SC
  • WYLA-LP, 97.5, Charleston SC

Florida LPFM stations expiring in February if a late filing renewal is not filed prior.:WCFQ, WEKJ, WHTR, WIBE, WMBT, WORZ, WPRD, WRIA, WXEI

Currently only 90 of the 114 license renewals have been filed. In Georgia:


In Alabama:


Last month the FCC finally finished the 2013 LPFM filling window! This after six years since the filing window close they processed the final application. Once we get through the renewals it will now be possible for the FCC to open a new filing window. That could occur as early as the Fall of next year or 2021. But we are much closer to that new window now.

I can help your station with the entire “REN” process. I work with all broadcast station classes. Full power AM, FM, TV, LPTV and LPFM. My fee starts at $150 for early license renewals. $200 for late filings for stations with no previous violations. I accept PayPal (even if you don’t have a PayPal account). Contact me through the website form at

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