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A Working Radio Retirement

Published in Radio Guide Magazine – March 2013

Radio Beach RetirementAs many who follow this column know, I recently retired. I looked forward to taking some relaxation time and enjoying myself, as I ease myself into the older years of my life. I planned to open a restaurant, which is still in the works. I intended to continue to help the LPFM service as an advisor/consultant to make sure it stayed on track. I’ve made great progress in detaching myself from many of the day-to-day activities of Mutual Broadcast and the Conexus LPFM Advocacy. Dustin Williams and John Guiteress have taken the reigns at Mutual Broadcast, while Gene Rowley and Alan Mccall are operating Conexus.

So, with these very capable people taking over my babies, I set off for vacation to sunny Florida! In the meantime, as always seems the case, someone began calling me for help. They had installed their directional antenna system without our help or guidance, and suddenly had given up on trying to do it themselves – they wanted someone down there pronto! Off went Dustin from Nebraska, to help this fellow put his mess of an antenna system back together.

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Tribal Radio Priority

Tribal Radio OpportunitiesIn 2010, the Federal Communications Commission established a Tribal Radio Priority to expand the number of radio stations owned by American Indian Tribes broadcasting to Tribal lands.  The Tribal Priority is a FCC rule through which Tribes or Tribally owned or controlled entities may more easily obtain broadcast radio licenses in both the AM and FM bands.  The Tribal Priority is intended not only to provide radio service tailored to specific Tribal needs and cultures, but to increase ownership of such radio stations by Tribes and Tribally owned entities.  In doing so, the Tribal Priority also fosters localism and diversity of ownership.

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